Welcome, to the home of the Irish voice.

Repealist is an ambitious and supportive new content platform, run by contributors from minority communities, to inform social and scientific 'discourse' for the masses ~

We'll be blogging, tweeting and generating video content about social change from multiple perspectives - so it's no longer enough to say that 'modern Ireland' can't help but be a reflection of its past pale shadow - through 'Like It Is'.

From the psychological effects of the housing crisis, to filling your heart with food and special moments, from accessible ethical fashion in daily life to how diversity is represented at Fashion Weeks - you'll find relatable, funny, and thought-provoking content from your fave non-cis-het-white-able-bodied contributors right here!

We'll also be tackling burning issues in medicine, innovation and science communication, unravelling scientific myths over amazing concoctions in 'Drunk Debunk' - and we can't wait to share our awesome lineup of national and international guests, and features from our own research and conference circuits with you very soon...

Repealist fills a unique opportunity in Irish platforming - where there is 'nothing about us, without us'.

We form a visible and vocal contributor community, collaborating and sharing our portfolios of work, building our own platforms to communicate uncensored and in good faith, without minimising the value of our voice or upholding conflicts of systematic privilege and erasure.